What to save some money on your Wedding?

What to save some money on your Wedding?

It’s a well known fact that newly engaged couples will google the term ‘Wedding Venues’ when planning their wedding. This search will most likely be focused on the area that the individuals live in.

There’s a little secret to how you could save some pennies on your special day. Let’s be honest, weddings can cost a fortune and it makes us worry more about money than the actual meaning of the day. It’s meant to be about two people who love each other, celebrating their future with the people they love the most.

So why not have a google for Village or Community halls, Barn conversions, Venues who provide hire and No Corkage fee’s or even a field.

You may need to decorate but at least it’s a blank canvas and you can come up with a budget, stick to it and not have any surprises down the road. This year I’m getting married in France with family, but to celebrate back in the UK we have hired a beautiful village hall in Dorset.

With this, we are able to supply our own alcohol, decorate how we please and stick to a budget we know won’t leave us searching under the sofa for pennies…

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with ‘No Corkage’ venues or your getting married at a Hall and need to supply alcohol, get in touch with us via the contact us page at It’s Your Bottle. We provide discounts at larger quantities and tailored designs to suit your requirements. Discounts start from 20 bottles. Leave the hard work to us and have an easy planning journey.

All love, Briony


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