Personalised Wine Holder

Wine Caddy - Hidden Beauties

Personalised Wine Holder

It’s a little known fact that 9 out of 10 bottles of wine are drank within days of purchase, (for me it’s usually on the day of purchase!) However, due to the aging process associated with a lot of wines, it makes sense to keep them around for… a little while longer… For special occasions maybe? When your occasion arrives why not serve the wine with an impressive Wine Holder and impress your family and friends, We purchased one from a shop on Etsy called Hidden Beauties. 


They are all hand made, and have a great rustic look that fits in perfectly within our home.

We can’t wait to start using it in some of our wine photos, I’m sure you all will be recognising it soon. We have just started designing some new Wedding designs, so look out for them!

All love,


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