How we have saved money on Our Wedding

How we have saved money on Our Wedding

According to a survey last year, the average cost of a Wedding in the UK was just over £27,000.

Ours cost only £3820.50… and what do I get for this price.

1. UK registry cost = £120

2. 5 bedroom Villa in Nice, France for 6 days (where we are getting married) = £2400

3. 2 x Return flights with luggage = £250

4. Wedding celebration back in the UK – Village Hall hire – £270 (1.5 days hire)

5. Decorations = £150

6. Food & Alcohol = £300

7. Music – Iphone/Android > Try Spotify and download YOUR choice in music > all you need is an aux cable and some speakers. Spotify £2.50 monthly subscription, £Aux Cable £8, Speakers £25 Ebay (Just make your playlist and press play!)

8. Wedding Dress = £80 < You’d be shocked by the quality of wedding dresses you will find on sites such as Lipsy (Next), ASOS, Monsoon etc.

9. Grooms wear = £60

10. Maid of Honor Dress = £5 < Check Ebay girls! You will find a bargain!

11. Rings = £150 < I’m not a big diamond girl but if you like vintage, check your local antique shops, they sell beautiful wedding rings for half the price than your local jeweler.

Now, not every Bride will be like me and I completely get that, but if your worried about money and you don’t want to spend a fortune then here are a few tips.

Venue – Ever thought about getting Married in a Hall, Barn, Private Estate or a venue who provide a blank canvas? – Prices are considerably lower to hire and you normally get them for a couple of days to decorate etc.

Food and Drink – Venue types like the ones above will most likely have recommended suppliers or… have the option to supply your own alcohol and food arrangements.

Decorations –  Take a look on Ebay. Or pop to your local Poundland and B&M Bargains. < Honestly there is so much stuff you can buy on a budget! I managed to find 86 metres of Fairy Lights on Amazon for £30. :O

Pinterest – This has got me through some tough moments when I haven’t had a clue how to decorate a village hall.

Personally, ours would have cost less if we hadn’t decided to get married in France, but its what we wanted and we gave up quite a lot of wedding luxuries to be able to do it. But for us we decided that it’s a day to celebrate our love, and we have the rest of our lives to have all the luxuries we want.

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