A Wedding Table No. alternative

A Wedding Table No. alternative

You’ve booked the venue, made seating arrangements and picked a scrummy catering company to cook you and your guests a perfect sit down meal. So now you you’re looking to decorate the tables and place clear directions for your guests to know exactly where they are going to sit.

You may decorate your tables with Flowers, Bird Cages, Candles or pictures, but what could you use other than number ornaments to suggest which table is what?

It is widely common to serve wine at the table, especially during the meal as wine is complimented most when served with food. Depending on the amount of people per table will determine how much wine to provide. This wine is normally Red or White with the occasional Rosé if the food being served is of a lighter variety e.g. Pasta or Fish.

Providing wine on the table also allows you to close the bar at the venue during the meal which is proven to be cost saving. Most venues will allow the Bride and Groom to provide their own Wine at the table at either at ‘no corkage fee’ or at a low corkage rate. Either way it would still be cheaper for the Bride and Grooms to provide their own alcohol for the table. Most venues on average can sell wine per bottle at £25.00 each.

So when your guests arrive at their designated table and see wine they will love it! It’s cost saving for both the married couple and their guests. It also saves some awkward trips to the bar. It is most likely that wine will be on the table, why not have it personalised from £2.50? At It’s Your Bottle we not only provide the designs for Table Wine but can’t be beaten on our Personalised Wine at £14.49.

Why not take a look at our Personalised Wine for Table Numbers… But remember all our designs can be customised to suit your requirements so why not browse our Bride and Groom Personalised Wine as well, we would be able to change any of the designs to meet your needs.

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