Budget Weddings – 6 Wedding Gift ideas for Newlyweds

Budget Weddings – 6 Wedding Gift ideas for Newlyweds

Those newlyweds have put on a show, entertained everyone, and we’ve all had a real good time! Its traditional for each guest (or couple) to give the Bride and Groom as a way of starting them on their future life together.


Let’s be honest… it’s not the most imaginative, but it may be the most appreciated by the Newly betrothed. With Weddings costing more and more, the couple may have pockets that feel a little lighter than a short while ago. Gifting them money gives them the option to use your gift in ways that they really want (or need), such as paying a loan/credit card that desperately needs paying off!

Personalised Wedding wines

A Fantastic gift to give to the lovely couple as they set off for their life together, or possibly even an opportunity for them to share some fizz before they set off for their honeymoon! ItsYourBottle produce plenty of designs that they will love for after their big day


One gift that they may appreciate is a picture of them together or even with you! A picture in a stunning frame can be a great gift, just make sure that you get a style that the couple would be proud to hang on their wall.

Handmade wooden gifts

One of the new trends is to have Bespoke wooden gifts that can be used for different occasions. The great thing about these gifts is that they are beautifully made, and you know that each product is carefully made to ensure it is perfect before it is allowed to go. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HiddenbeautiesCo


Very similar to money, but some people believe that vouchers are seen as more of a ‘gift’ than money itself. I personally believe that it restricts the receiver on where they can spend their gift. But, at least you know it will be going on a gift rather than next week’s shopping!

Electrical Appliances

I would only recommend appliances if the couple have a ‘Wedding gift list’, this is due to a couple of reasons:

  • If they already live together, its likely that they already own most of the items that you would be thinking of buying them (toaster, blender, Microwave)
  • If they are saving up for a place to live, they would have to store the items until they have a place of their own to use them, in which case, money may be better to help towards their deposit

Contribution to the wedding

As I talked about in one of my other Blog Posts LINK HERE, helping the couple on their big day would be a really personal touch, and help take some of the load off them on their big day. Helping to bake a cake or make a bouquet would be a great thing to do if you possess the skills

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