Budget Weddings – Top 5 Places To Gain Wedding Inspiration For Free

Budget Weddings – Top 5 Places To Gain Wedding Inspiration For Free

Top 5 places for Budget Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Shows, Pinterest, Youtube, the internet, friends & family… There are tons of places that you can choose from to get some inspiration for your wedding. The best thing about the places I listed above, is that they are free!

Wedding Shows


Wedding shows can be a great way to meet local suppliers that would be able to work at your wedding. From Photographers, to Catering, and even Personalised wine Suppliers, every type of supplier that you will need for your wedding can be found there.

The great thing about Wedding shows is that you can meet each supplier, learn about them and see if they would fit into your special day. It’s also possible to view their products and services, making it a great way to filter if they are up to the job

One problem with Wedding shows is that you might not be seeing the best Suppliers, just the ones that have paid to be there. The selection may also be limited as organisers usually try to only have one or two of their preferred suppliers


If you asked me 6 months ago what pinterest was, I wouldnt have a clue! But with my fiance Briony organising the themes for our wedding, I’ve quickly caught up.

Pinterest is an imageboard that allows you to create collections of images that you can use for inspiration for weddings, gifts or anything else!

Pinterest is brilliant for logging amazing themes and designs, and you can quickly collect hundreds of images that will give you inspiration for the type of wedding you are planning. Sign up and have a go!


I may be a little biased here, but Youtube can be an amazing source of inspiration for any Wedding planner, whether it’s watching a video on gorgeous wedding venues or a How to on making wedding bouquets. Youtube can be a great source of information on any part of the wedding planning process.

Be careful though, before you know what’s happened, you’re watching Cat videos again!

The Internet

A quick google search for “Wedding Inspiration” provides 152 Million results… If you need any inspiration for your quirky wedding, theres a blog for it!

People often think that blogs are a one way conversation, they write and you read, but we have found that directly emailing the bloggers your questions can be a great way to interact. It means that you get the information you need, and the blogger may get an idea for a new blog post.

Friends and family

As much as this is YOUR wedding, its good to have feedback and ideas from others. Alot of friends and family have been the planning of a wedding and therefore will know some of the pitfalls of some ideas. Planning a wedding in the sun? Opt out of the groom having a full suit, otherwise he’ll be a sweaty mess. Just remember that the final decision is yours, so take their ideas with a pinch of salt!

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