Put the guests to work! 14 jobs that guests can do at a wedding

Put the guests to work! 14 jobs that guests can do at a wedding


Sometimes a wedding where everyone relaxes is great, but that can come at an extra cost for you as you’ll need to employ people for certain jobs. Other times you need to make those freeloaders do some work! Saving you time, effort and money in the process! Here at Its Your Bottle, we’ve been thinking of some great ways to get some help at your wedding!

Ask for a song choice in the invitation

We received a wedding invitation recently that asked for a song we wanted played, we thought it was such a good idea! Plus it removes the Bride and Groom trying to select music for the entire night. (we picked Prince – Kiss)

Makeup & Hair

Briony will be asking her sister to help out with her makeup and hair on the big day. It’s a big responsibility, so make sure its someone you trust to do a good job!


We’re lucky to be friends with a Flair Bartender, so will be putting his skills to good use during our Wedding. We’re only going to be asking him to make the 1st drink for everyone (Pina Colada’s) then he’s finished his shift and free to enjoy the party! OR have a few friends serve the Personalised Prosecco for when other guests arrive

Ceremony reading

As you may know, me and Briony are getting married abroad, and were really worried that the Ceremony giver might mess the readings up, so we asked a friend. He was really touched that we asked him to help us in the most intimate part of the wedding

Wedding Transport 

It may not save you money, but asking the guests to car share to and from the wedding will save them money, and will help reduce the total costs of the wedding (few more drinks for them!)

Baking the Wedding Cake

Lets be honest, we all love The Great British Bake Off, and we all think we are Amazing Bakers. Let someone show off their skills and bake the cake for you (more on this in future Blog Posts when Briony attempts to Bake a Wedding Cake)

Invitation Writer

If you’re lucky enough to know someone who has mad calligraphy skills, unleash them on your wedding invitations

Wedding Dress / Suit alterations

Often people can be handy at sewing, let them help out by making minor alterations to the dress and suit. This is another job where trust is required, and a steady hand!

Guest Welcomers

Get your most charismatic guests out to the front to welcome everyone to the event, they will love the attention, and you will have your mind at ease that everyone is greeted by a warm welcome

Food preppers

Organise some of your family and friends to help with the buffet lunch (if thats what youre having) alot of it can be made the day/night before, and can be a great way for people to socialise together in the kitchen

BBQ Chef’s

We had the problem of trying to find a way of getting some of my friends to chat to the other guests, then we had the idea of setting them loose on the BBQ, it gives them responsibility and gets them talking to everyone at the wedding

Lead Dancer

There is nothing worse than an empty dance floor, and we all have that friend who will be the first on there. Let them know that it’s their job, and you’ll be assured that they will fulfill their duty

Sweetshop Girl/Boy

This is a really fun job for any of the younger crowd, they can go round the guests with a tray full of sweets that people can pick from or fill a bag. Keeps them entertained, and they get their pick of the sweets!


Photography as a Hobby has surged in popularity, and many of your guests will be itching to unleash their Canon 5D! You may not get the same results as you would with a professional Wedding Photographer, but you’re wallet might be a little bit heavier by picking a friend

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