TOP 3 Reasons to have a Marquee Wedding

TOP 3 Reasons to have a Marquee Wedding

If your looking for an alternative or want to save some money on your special day then keep reading below.

Budget  – You may have seen in a past blog post that the average wedding in 2017 cost just over a whooping £27,000. If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding to remember that’s not going to cost you 10 years of repaying it back on a loan then a Marquee option could be for you. Most marquee weddings nowadays will provide an all in one service, this means the Marquee, set up, decorations, seating and even as far as the cutlery and glassware. Whether the venue you have chosen supply their own Marquee weddings or just the grounds its a cheaper option by far.

You choose the caterers and alcohol suppliers – People normally get put off with the planning element of a Marquee wedding but its pretty straightforward and all it takes is some patience and a checklist. Two of the things to cross of the list is food and booze. With catering you get to have the choice rather than being isolated with only the venue catering options. There are plenty of food choices to choose from, simply google caterers in your area and you’ll be surprised. They even allow you to eat before you buy! So moving onto alcohol… from mobile bars all the way to fancy waiters serving you drinks, the options are out there and surprisingly affordable. We can’t forget the table wine too, considering you can put any alcohol you wish on it! Wine, Cider, Rum, Gin… its completely up to you. We provide wedding wine here at It’s Your Bottle and you’ll find its more than just personalised and tasty, its affordable too!

It’s different and lets face it, we all want our day to be different from the norm – Lets chuck tradition out the window because for £27,000 you may rather want to put a deposit down on a house. Apart from the above two reasons, here’s a few more: You decide when its home time, decorate how you wish, if you want a theme…go for it. Have more guests invited to the day or evening…. No one likes a limit pfft. It’s cheaper for your guests (mobile bars charge less) and food… Well its proven caterers charge less per head.

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