Struggling to get them a Wedding Gift?

Struggling to get them a Wedding Gift?

Your friend, or family member is getting married, you’ve ticked the RSVP card and you’ve declared you’ll be attending their wedding.

After you’ve decided what to wear and booked the time off  you may scratch your head contemplating what to buy the future Bride and Groom on their special day. It’s not often nowadays that you will receive a wedding gift list from the couple with ideas on what to buy them as a present.

More often than not, you’ll have a small card attached to the wedding invite expressing their gratitude if you could provide them money towards a honeymoon, a house, or for bits and bobs. This isn’t a bad thing (we’ve done it) but if you’d like to get them something extra and a little more memorable you could go down the route of Personalised Wine.


At It’s Your Bottle we provide a range of wines including Red, White, Rosé and Prosecco. Our Personalised Wine provides you with not only a beautiful unique gift to the happy couple but our products are high quality and affordable. So if you’re giving the Bride and Groom some money but want to provide the traditional gift why not supply them with a gift they can drink, keep and remember.

Our Personalised Wine for Weddings starts from £14.49 and if you don’t want to give the gift in a paper bag we provide two gift box options.

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It’s Your Bottle we have recently been nominated for Wedding Gift Award from Lux Life Magazine. 

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