Village Hall Wedding: You’d be crazy not to consider it!

Village Hall Wedding: You’d be crazy not to consider it!

You’re engaged! You’re excited, and you both have already started thinking of what kind of dress/suit you might wear on the day.

But when you finally sit down and realise that you have a Wedding to plan, the venue will most likely be the first thing that pops into your head. Choosing a venue for your Wedding is one of the most important decisions that you will make. Not only because you want it to be special and beautiful, but it is the core to all the planning which follows.

Continue to read if you want to find out all the Pro’s and Con’s of having a Village Hall Wedding… (Plus Village Hall pictures below).

People more often than not will consider a hotel for their venue. This is due to the majority of Hotel’s providing a Wedding Coordinator… it’s not a bad thing but its always best to expand your choices and seek out all venue opportunities. This blog post is dedicated to showcasing Village Halls in the UK. You’ll be surprised by the beauty, originality and modernised Halls you will find in your local area.


  1. Cost – £300 Average (This is to hire the hall and facilities for the day, evening and next morning clean up) If you are looking to hold your ceremony and evening reception at a Hotel, don’t be surprised if you’re charged around £2500. And that’s just the hire charge. *GULP*
  2. Capacity – Don’t be limited, most Village Halls are designed to hold large events, functions and activities so you won’t be limited to the amount of people you invite. This also means that you won’t need to make the awkward decision of restricting plus one’s or crossing off any quests.
  3. Food and Alcohol – You choose! You won’t be looking at a restricted menu or digging deeper into your pockets for money to afford the ‘more desired’ option. You can either hire an external catering company or get some family and friends to help out! When it comes to alcohol most Village Halls allow you to provide your own or they provide bar staff with a tiny charge (£50) and let you provide your own Wedding Wine.


  1. You’re the Wedding Coordinator: And it might not even be a Con. You’ll be decorating and planning from scratch. But what’s not to like about that? Instead of putting the pressure on yourself, delegate people to help you out. Family and Friends would be more than happy to help out with different areas of the day so make a list and delegate. And when it comes to decorate, check out Ebay, people are always selling anything from Paper lanterns to fairy lights and if you need some imagination just look at what people are doing with Halls on Pinterest and Instagram.


Your not only saving yourself money, but Village Halls are funded by the local Village itself and run by volunteers, so you’re helping out a community 🙂

If your not convinced take a look at a few images below of some Village Halls in the UK and see for yourself.

Goring Village Hall – Oxfordshire


Hire Eye & Dunsden Village Hall – Oxfordshire


Morden Village Hall – Dorset (this is ours!)

MVH from West s

Thanks for reading, I hope I might have helped you in choosing a venue type, be sure to read our other blog post about Marquee Weddings.


Briony x

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