Weddings…Some traditions can be thrown out the window!

Weddings…Some traditions can be thrown out the window!

Ahhh, the traditional wedding… Church bells, white dress and a looooong honeymoon straight after… Its the dream of a lot of girls growing up. But weddings as we know them are changing, as couples are looking to make their mark on their big day, and work to make the day as memorable for them (and their guests) as possible.

At ItsYourBottle, we’ve noticed this trend, as people have been asking for personalised wine designs that don’t fit the ‘traditional’ mold, whether its a ‘<arel=”nofollow” href=””>carnival themed’ wedding, or more light hearted personalised wine labels, we have noticed an increase in personalised designs to suit each couple’s personality.

Weddings are awash with traditions, and we don’t think that all of them will fall to the wayside (Im thinking of Best Man speeches, first dances and lots of booze!), we feel that others may start to become less common as inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook increases.

Taking the groom’s last name

This is a tradition that goes back centuries, in which the bride, upon marriage, would take the name of her husband.

The tradition is losing popularity, and we think its for two main reasons:

  • The hassle! Think about the amount of Banks, Companies and Organisations that you will have to around and inform of the name change. Life around wedding time can be manic, and this is seen by many as an unneeded problem
  • The tradition arises as it was a symbol of a ‘transfer of ownership’ of the bride from the father to the new husband, which obviously isn’t a viewpoint shared these days

Parents of the bride pay for the wedding

The tradition goes, the parents of the bride pay for the wedding whilst the parents of the groom pay for the honeymoon.

The change from this tradition is that now, 48% of couples foot the bill themselves. One way of overcoming this cost is to push the honeymoon into the next year!

Matching bridesmaids

One of the most hotly debated topics during pre-wedding planning! What do the bridesmaids wear, and how do you please each one with a matching outfit?

Many couples have completely scrapped the need for matching dresses and let each bridesmaid pick their dress (although Im sure that the bride will ensure the outfit is suitable…)

Sit down Meal

We’ve all been to weddings where the formal 3 course meal has been amazing, unfortunately some of us have been to weddings where the food has been less…amazing.

A lot of couples are choosing alternative meal choices such as a hog roast, BBQ or even Pizzas! Its another way to add a personalised touch to any wedding

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