Best wines for Summer Weddings

Best wines for Summer Weddings

The summer wedding can cause a breakdown, will it rain?!…wont it?!. Am I going to be OK in a light dress or will I have to bring a coat? The weather may be one of those things that you just have to accept that you can’t plan on their wedding day, but one thing you can ensure is perfect is the wine! Its Your Bottle have put together a guide below to make sure you pull off the perfect summer wedding.

Red, White… anything else?

When talking about wine, everyone has a different view on what tastes good. The huge range of wines means that all tastes are catered for, whether its red, white… fruity or full bodied. Its important that you cater for different tastes on your big day. The simplest way to do this would be by offering a red and white wine on each table, but this may not be enough…

Now for the good part… to pick a good wine, you’re going to need to taste some good wines! So make sure that you sample a load! We only have one recommendation, try to spread out the tasting, otherwise they all start to taste good! Here at Its Your Bottle, we can send you an unlabeled sample of our Personalised Wine Bottles for a small fee to try.

Tasting the wine will help you determine if you’ll be covering all bases, it may even be worth bringing a friend who has a different sense of taste than you and your partner. A White and a Red are a must, but adding a Rose per table will also help to ensure everyone gets a fill of their favourite wine

Make sure your guests don’t get thirsty!

The amount of wine you need will be dictated by the number of guests you have (and how drunk you want them).There are a load of ‘wine calculators’ online to help you gauge the number of bottles needed.

The type of wedding you have will also influence the amount of wine you have but will also determine the type of alcohol you will need to buy. Formal Wedding usually have wine and Prosecco / Champagne, whilst more laid back wedding might supply the beer and Cider also…Its your wedding, so you choose the Wedding Wine

Consider the ratio between the drinks also, its difficult to determine if you’ll need a third white, a third red and a third of another drink, try to make an educated guess on your guests and find out what they will be drinking.

Your Wine meets your food

Wine and Food, food and wine… The wine you pick needs to match the food you choose for your wedding, there are a load of guides online to help you decide which wines will match perfectly with your food choice.

This may be a little controversial, but fruit wines can be a unusual (but great) addition to the usual menu. If you have a casual, summer themed wedding, these can really lift the mood and create a talking point

As a standard rule, it can be said that red wine goes excellently with meats, and white wine with fish or vegetarian, but dont let this dictate your decision.

Retain it Under Budget

Weddings are expensive… we all know that! Make sure that you love your wine, but also ensure that it is within budget (after a couple of glasses, the taste matters a bit less). Its always a good idea to get slightly more wine than you think will be drank on the day, because you can always take it home!

Keep account for the number of friends, the number of wine bottles you need and this total price you’ll invest in your budget. The total costs of alcohol will need to include a bubbly toast, whether its Prosecco or Champagne, which can increase your drink costs dramatically!. Try and budget for everyone to have one glass of bubbly, and several of wine!

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