Great Ways To Appreciate Wine Like A Pro

Great Ways To Appreciate Wine Like A Pro

Here at Its Your Bottle we want to make sure you really appreciate the wines you drink, take a read below for some tips

When it comes to wine, there are countless different types to select. Determining what a bottle of wine is ideally suited for can be somewhat tricky if you are new to this game. Fortunately, taking a read of this quick post can serve as an excellent starting point for anyone that is looking to impress their friends with their wine knowledge.

Sip it or down it?

When you are drinking a glass of wine, make sure that you savour each sip that you take. Often, you could be consuming a bottle that costs an arm and a leg so you will want to get your money’s worth. Once you have started to learn about the subtleties of wine and how to pick out individual flavours, the sipping of wine is favoured over the downing!

Leftover wine

Leftover wine (which we might point out is a sin!) must not be left for any more than 4 to 5 days. Opened wine can absorb Oxygen, which will degrade the wine. This significantly impacts the taste of the wine, making it less enjoyable. But fear not! In the unlikely case that you do leave a wine out too long, it can be used in food. We recommend a bolognese.

Personal preferences

Do not allow others to influence your taste in wines. It is necessary you try different wines to determine precisely what you enjoy. Every person has a different palate and also could not be looking for the very same flavours in a glass of wine. Do not assume that consuming a wine advised by a professional sommelier will be to your taste, just expect some backlash if you go for a red with fish.

Storage of white wine

White wines ought to be thoroughly chilled when you drink them, but you should stay clear of storing them in a fridge for weeks at a time. The best way to ensure they taste amazing is to keep them at room temperature and then stick them in the fridge an hour before serving.


“Don’t ever turn down wine” never a truer word said in my view. Its good to try different types of wine rather than stick to a single type/brand. You might turn up your nose to Rose wine when it’s offered to you, just because you had 1 or 2 disgusting glasses a few years ago. Not all wines were born equal. You will find wines to fit your preference throughout the wine spectrum.
If you have a cellar (lucky you!) or perhaps just a shelf where you store wine, do not fill up the area entirely with wines that you enjoy right now. Your tastes are bound to transform in time. You do not want to be left with a load of wine you believe has hints of vinegar.

Getting assistance

If you go to a restaurant with a sommelier, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. The sommelier will undoubtedly understand everything concerning the wines on the menu and also will certainly also have the ability to make a recommendation if you let them know what kind of wine you generally drink.

Taking notes

This is for the serious wine hobbyists. Keep a notebook entirely for wine. The most straightforward way to track the wines that you appreciate and the ones that you do not like is to keep a log of them. You could also include the food and environment that you consumed them with to make sure that you could repeat the experience.

Wine types

The differences between red and white wine are simple, its all in the way they are produced as described in our previous post on wine types. Red grapes are pressed two times, releasing a larger amount of tannin’s and lightening up the shade of the wine. This is what makes the color so deep and the taste so full bodied.

Smell and taste

To obtain the full taste spectrum of your glass of wine, you will want to smell it a few times. The very first time, take a slow, long breath from outside the glass. The next time, take a sniff with your nose inside. You will then fully appreciate the different notes of each type of wine and may pick up on more than just the taste.

Towards the end of the night…

Splashed some red wine on your gorgeous dress? The initial step is to put soda water on the stain as soon as you can. No soda around? White wine will also do the job. Blot it with a paper towel rather than smear to soak up the wine, then clean it in bleach and water to get the stain out.

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