How to chill your Wine FAST!

How to chill your Wine FAST!

We all like to complain about the weather, and let’s be honest, the past few weeks have been a mixture of Heaven and Hell in the UK. The sun has been blazing on us to the point that we’ve all been struggling to get the wine chilled quick enough after work to enjoy it before the sun goes down.
But fear no more! We’ll let you know some hacks to get that Personalised wine chilled in a few minutes, so you can enjoy those last few minutes of goodness.
Its Your Bottle is on hand to help you get that bottle frosty… and Fast!chilling wine with a damp towel

Take your bottle of warm white or Rose wine, and wrap it in damp cloths or paper towels, get it into the freezer and wait for a few minutes with the corkscrew in hand and voila! Perfect temperature wine, ready to be poured into the waiting glass.
You may get scorned at by a wine connoisseur, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When youre out of time, you’ve got to take every form of action you can to get that wine perfect!

There is another way to get wine to the temperature you need it, if you have a few bottles that need to be chilled pronto, put them all in a bucket with some ice, water and… salt (trust me on this). Within 10 minutes the bottles will be perfectly chilled, ready to enjoy with a few friends.

frozen grapes in wineAnd for the slow sippers among you, try putting a few frozen grapes in the freezer, ready for when you want a drink. they will cool the wine in the same way that ice does but will ensure that the wine doesn’t become diluted

I hope this helps, I hate to see someone drinking a wine that could have drastically improved with just a few little life hacks

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