8 Unique gifts for Bridesmaids

8 Unique gifts for Bridesmaids

When it comes to finding the perfect Bridesmaids gifts, the number of different choices can be overwhelming, we have put together a quick guide for some fabulous gifts that anyone would love!
Asking your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids to support you on your big day can be daunting, but adding a small gift can always ease the question, prices can range from £5 to £200, so perfect for any budget
Each Bridesmaid is unique, so don’t worry about getting everyone the same gift! The gifts can be tailored to each person, which will ensure that everyone will feel appreciated and thought of in preparation for your big day

Let us dig into these gorgeous gifts, that all your best women will adore. From personalised bits to failsafe gifts to suit everybody, here is our final collection of the ideal bridesmaid presents your wedding celebration could ever expect to get.

Personalised wine label for Weddings - Cute Cartoon

A personalised bottle of Wine or Prosecco

You know what is much better than wine? A bottle of wine with a heartfelt message on it! Its the perfect way to ask your Bridesmaids to help you on your big day, and if you decide to give the gift on the day itself then it’s a perfect way to calm the nerves. Personalised Wedding wine is a unique way to say thank you to all those that have helped you plan the Wedding day

A bespoke gift box

A stunning personalised gift box is an excellent present for your main girls and often come in varying price ranges. There is a multitude of shops that can swell anything from hilarious gift boxes to classy ones, (think Laurent Perrier blossom candle, facial mask). How adorable is that?

quote prints bridesmaids

A purposeful quote print

One of the easiest ways to ask your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids support you is to let the gift do the talking? A gorgeous print is not only going to have the ability to assist you to show your appreciation, but it is going also to be something they will keep forever and show off.

Keepsake jewellery

Try and find a girl that doesn’t adore jewellery! Your friends will the thought of having some hand-selected jewellery from you, and you could even ask them to wear it on your big day.


Everybody enjoys a pleasant fragrance, so if you know your girls well, picking a bottle of perfume for them could be a fantastic gift choice. they will appreciate the gift, and you know it will be put to good use well after the wedding

Stylish bag

Going off to a destination wedding? Help your women arrive in design with a fashionable bag on wheels. Your bridal party will feel just like complete VIPs using their matching bag – you may want to get one for yourself too!

bridesmaids cards


One of the simplest ways and the most thoughtful is to get your girls a heartfelt card with wording the perfectly sums up your appreciation for their effort

A Girly Tipple

If you and your girls are known for having a drink or two, then cater your gift towards that habit! getting them a bottle of Gin can show them that this wedding is going to be a great party, wrap a little card around the neck with some words of thanks

If you like the sound of treating your Bridesmaids to a Personalised Wine for Weddings, check out Its Your Bottle’s beautiful range!

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