pickyourself.co.uk FINALIST

pickyourself.co.uk FINALIST

We are very excited and thrilled to announce that It’s Your Bottle is a Finalist for the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year award 2018! Its been a hectic year and no better way than finishing it off with applying to pickyourself.co.uk.pick.JPG

We decided to apply for pickyourself for many reasons,  we became a limited company back in May 2017 and started selling our wonderful labels on the online e-commerce platform Etsy. Once our website was up and running we could then start selling the full product of personalised wine. We’ve come along way but still, have a long way to go.

We believe that we are constantly growing and learning each day about owning and running a business. That being said we are passionate about our business concept and would love for it to be recognised further.

So please help us and vote for It’s Your Bottle for the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year award, all you need to do is click on the link below and read 🙂



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