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Red, White or Rosé… Which is your favourite?

Whether you're a Red, White or Rosé drinker, we can all appreciate a good glass of wine. For us, after a tour of France, our admiration for Red wine was heightened. Back in 2017, we had the luxury of visiting the wonderful, Saint-Émilion. If you ever visit Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion is only a short drive east and you will be truly blown away. The French wine town of Saint-Émilion is vast with historical buildings, friendly locals and great cuisine. But to top it, off Saint-Émilion is Bordeaux's largest winemaking appellations. In 2017 it cost only 7euros each to visit the Bell tower of the church Monolith. If you want to admire the miles of vineyards and incredible views from above then this is a must! On our stay, we tasted some incredible Red wine and when we say incredible we mean it! If you want to visit a good one, look into Vignobles et Châteaux, it's perfectly situated next to the Bell tower. IMG_1857 For our wedding last year we travelled all the way to the beautiful area of Nice, France. On our arrival, we were presented with a bottle of Rosé wine and since then I have become a fan of the fruit infused, refreshing tastes of Rosé. It may not as popular as Red or White but on a warm summer's day I'd certainly be picking up a bottle over the rest.  I can certainly appreciate Rosé more now than ever especially with summer creeping up. Fun filled evenings of BBQ's and seafood lunches down the Dorset coast gears me up to pop open a bottle of Rose and enjoy the tastes between food and wine. In my opinion, it's always been a wine I found to be overlooked but for the last couple of years, Rosé has become more popular than ever. IMG_1871 One of the more popular choices is White wine. Whether its Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or the super sweet Riesling, white wine is very popular but Chardonnay is the fairest of them all. Produced all over the world, from dry to sweet it can be served with almost all foods, some have it chilled and some don't, either way, its a great choice out of the three. The first-ever White wine I bought was Chardonnay, it was a must. Although after experimenting and trying different wines around the world I do prefer Sauvignon Blanc as Chardonnay does carry an oak taste which is something I only prefer from a Red wine. Although Sauvignon Blanc originated from France, one of my favourites came from Chile. It has a slightly sweet taste to it but immensely refreshing. So which one do you favour most? Or if you're like me, you like all at different times of the year! To view our carefully selected Wine range, click here.