Personalised Wine for Weddings

Red, White or Rosé… Which is your favourite?

Whether you’re a Red, White or Rosé drinker, we can all appreciate a good glass of wine. For us, after a tour of France, our admiration for Red wine was heightened. Back in 2017, we had the luxury of visiting the wonderful, Saint-Émilion. If you ever visit Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion is only a short drive east and you will be truly blown away.

The French wine town of Saint-Émilion is vast with historical buildings, friendly locals and great cuisine. But to top it, off Saint-Émilion is Bordeaux’s largest winemaking appellations. In 2017 it cost only 7euros each to visit the Bell tower of the church Monolith. If you want to admire the miles of vineyards and incredible views from above then this is a must!

On our stay, we tasted some incredible Red wine and when we say incredible we mean it! If you want to visit a good one, look into Vignobles et Châteaux, it’s perfectly situated next to the Bell tower.


For our wedding last year we travelled all the way to the beautiful area of Nice, France. On our arrival, we were presented with a bottle of Rosé wine and since then I have become a fan of the fruit infused, refreshing tastes of Rosé. It may not as popular as Red or White but on a warm summer’s day I’d certainly be picking up a bottle over the rest. 

I can certainly appreciate Rosé more now than ever especially with summer creeping up. Fun filled evenings of BBQ’s and seafood lunches down the Dorset coast gears me up to pop open a bottle of Rose and enjoy the tastes between food and wine. In my opinion, it’s always been a wine I found to be overlooked but for the last couple of years, Rosé has become more popular than ever.


One of the more popular choices is White wine. Whether its Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or the super sweet Riesling, white wine is very popular but Chardonnay is the fairest of them all. Produced all over the world, from dry to sweet it can be served with almost all foods, some have it chilled and some don’t, either way, its a great choice out of the three.

The first-ever White wine I bought was Chardonnay, it was a must. Although after experimenting and trying different wines around the world I do prefer Sauvignon Blanc as Chardonnay does carry an oak taste which is something I only prefer from a Red wine. Although Sauvignon Blanc originated from France, one of my favourites came from Chile. It has a slightly sweet taste to it but immensely refreshing.

So which one do you favour most? Or if you’re like me, you like all at different times of the year!

To view our carefully selected Wine range, click here.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Weddings Personalised

When planning a wedding you may take to sites such as Pinterest or Instagram to get tips and inspiration on how you wish your wedding to look like. I’ve been to plenty of weddings and each one has been different. But most styles you see online will always somehow appear in a specific category such as traditional, retro etc. As for ours, having a wedding in a Chateau in Nice leaned our decision to style our wedding in a vintage, French theme. This included our own personalised wine at the venue under a beautiful grape arched vineyard. Considering we own a wine business it seemed most appropriate, especially when you could pick the grapes above to compliment the cheese.

But if you’re looking to supply some Personalised Wine at your wedding or you’re maybe looking down the route of gifting the Bridesmaids/Groomsmen. You may want to take a look at some of our wedding style designs below. It is also a great idea to gift the Bride and Groom if you feel a card may not be enough. Gifting the special couple a bottle of Personalised Wine is something they can either drink straight away or save for an anniversary. Either way, the bottle can always be kept as a beautiful memory of the special occasion, their wedding.

Not all weddings are traditional, some weddings take place in a field, a festival or even a barn so don’t feel the need to glorify the word ‘traditional’ for your own wedding. Our quirky cartoon designs will bring an ‘aww’ to all your attendees, plus they can be personalised to be all about you!

If your centrepieces consist of flowers or you’re looking for a simple yet elegant style take a look at our wedding wine designs, we have plenty to choose from. If you are a bride and struggling to find the perfect way to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids why not ask with a gift of personalised wine? Take a look at our Bridesmaids/Maid of Honour page, prices start from only £14.99 and include free standard delivery.

Nowadays it’s more about standing out than fitting in. There are many ways to make a traditional wedding different. Many couples search the internet to find unique little touches to make the day more memorable. One of these is personalisation. So why not wine?




Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, Sunday 31st March 2019

It is nearly the end of February and so far, this year has gone too quick! But on a positive note, one of our favourite days is approaching, Mother’s Day! The celebration of Mother’s Day is an important one, it is celebrated around the world in many different ways and although we cherish and respect our mother’s throughout the year, we always like to go a bit crazy spoiling her on her special day.

No matter how old you are, your mother continuously supports and cares for you so delivering her with a one of a kind Mother’s Day gift is a must. If you’re not sure what to buy or you’re stuck for ideas then continue to read on. We’ve got you covered with a wide range of Mother’s Day personalised wine and some additional extras that will help her to relax and enjoy the day even more.

Although chocolate and flowers are great, why not go the extra mile and think outside the box this year. When gifting, it’s true what they say when ‘it’s the thought that counts’. Every year I try to top the last gift I gave my mother but each year I find a mother’s day gift which is truly unique and one of a kind, this is either a keepsake or something which brings a smile to her face. If you’re looking to go above and beyond for your darling mother then our range of Mother’s Day personalised wine is the most thoughtful gift you can provide.

Whether it’s a classic design you’re looking for, or you fancy making her giggle then we have the selection for you. As for me, I’m pretty sure my mum would love a bottle of personalised wine honouring her pregnancy, I don’t think I was an easy one to deliver. To be blunt, she was a trooper through birth and throughout my childhood, especially considering my teenage years. It’s Your Bottle create designs where all the wording can be changed. So if a personal message or a sweet poem is what you desire then just let us enter this into the text box. If you need help with the process just click on our ‘how to‘ page or contact us. We are always happy to help!


Not only do we provide the personalised wine itself but you can accompany your beautiful gift with one of our classic wooden boxes. By purchasing the personalised wine and gift box, this is all under £25.00! We even provide Free Standard Delivery!

But if you’re on a budget and the personalised wine is all you need then enjoy this for only £14.99, this even includes Free Delivery! Grab a bargain and make your mum smile more this Mother’s Day.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Be my Valentine?


Valentines Day is only 30 days away, so its a good time to start thinking about how to make that specific occasion even more special than any other day as a couple. Valentines Day in the past has been an event that people often use to go out and have dinner or take romantic trips away. But in recent years the extravagant getaways are a thing of the past and the more common choice nowadays is to spend the day/evening together celebrating your love in your own way. So if you’re looking to save the pennies this year or want to keep it casual by staying in then we may just have the special item for you!

This year, It’s Your Bottle has a solution for those who want to save but also want to keep it lovey dovey… We’ve been there, many years of saving for a house meant that we couldn’t afford those getaways or fancy gifts for one another. But it was important to celebrate in our own way, even if this meant sitting down for dinner and having a special home-cooked meal with a bottle of Red.

If you enjoy a glass of wine then its guaranteed that a bottle or two will be on your dinner table. A solution for a gift to your special someone could be to combine to wine with a gift, such as a personalised bottle of wine dedicated to your relationship. It’s Your Bottle’s Valentines Day selection has a variety of designs and award-winning wines to accommodate this.

Only £14.99 including FREE STANDARD DELIVERY!

Only £14.99 including FREE STANDARD DELIVERY!

When creating this selection (and all our designs) we aim to be as flexible as possible so we enable all wording on the labels to be personalised, this way you can either keep it casual with only name changes or if you want to add a special message about your loved one then personalise away. If you need any help just check out our ‘HOW IT WORKS’ page here.

Our prices are only £14.99, this includes the label, wine and free standard shipping, make sure to bring a heartfelt smile to their face this Valentine’s day, its true what they say about a personalised gift, its like no other, and those are the best gifts one can give.

If you’re looking to get your personalised wine in time for Valentines Day please make sure you order by 11th February for free standard delivery, for express delivery orders need to be completed by 12th February. 
Personalised Wine for Weddings

From, your Secret Santa

I was already in the Christmas spirit about 2 months ago so now that it’s only 36 days until the magical day it’s only right to start thinking about those special gifts you plan to give this Christmas. Secret Santa is one of those great gifting activities that you find very common in the workplace. It’s always nice when staff get together and participate in workplace activities like this, not only does it encourage all to get to know each other a bit more but you get a gift at the end of it!

It’s always nerve-wracking picking a name from the hat and then panicking when you haven’t got the faintest idea what to get them, but that’s the best bit! If you’re a real Secret Santa then you never give anything away, especially who you picked. Although in most workplaces you may find you or others always end up not so subtly asking around about your chosen person’s interests. If your getting nowhere or prefer to do a bit better than soaps and candles then take a look at our Christmas Selection of personalised wine.


It’s a given that most people enjoy a nice glass of wine, but instead of popping a bottle in a bag why not make more of an effort and create a unique gift to surprise your fellow colleagues. They may assume that the wrapped up bottle of wine is simply that… but they’ll be surprised when they uncover a personalised design entirely about them. Whether it’s just a name you choose to include or a sweet message about how they are a fantastic colleague, treat them this Christmas with a one of a kind gift.

Regardless of your Christmas budget, we have many options for you. In the past, I’ve been involved in many Secret Santa games with budgets ranging from £5.00 to £20.00 but we have you covered. If you’re looking to splurge a tad then a bottle of our Christmas personalised wine is £14.99, although with Santa’s helping hand we are providing a 10% discount! Discount Code: XMAS10


Why not get in the Christmas spirit this year and break up for the holidays rewarding your employees! If your planning on surprising your staff this Christmas why not take a look at our Corporate page and contact us for further details, we provide discounts on larger orders and free delivery for purchases over £50.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

For someone special

Did you know that it is precisely 100 days until Valentines Day… Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to scratch your head and think of the perfect gift for your loved one.

But before that lovey-dovey day, you have Christmas, New Years, maybe a birthday? Or maybe you have an anniversary… (hopefully you haven’t forgotten). If so we have some wonderful bottles of personalised wine your partner is going to love.

Whether you’re planning a getaway and want to surprise your other half with a bottle of personalised wine, or you’ve got to stick to a budget this year then take a look at our Anniversary selection.


It’s Your Bottle provide a wide selection suitable for all, we have worked hard to design labels which can be adapted to suit our customers. This is why all wording can be amended, because, at the end of the day, our aim is for our customers to have a gift truly unique to every individual.

Milestone Anniversary?

We adore a good ‘love story’ and when you’ve had couples that have been together for those amount of years then it’s important to celebrate that. If your parents are coming up to a milestone anniversary, gifting them a bottle of personalised wine dedicated to them is one anniversary they will never forget. Whether they choose to drink it straight away or savour it for another time, it will be a special moment they will never forget. To see all our Anniversary selection just click here. 

Birthday Gift for your loved one?

Speaking for many of you out there who may have a similar mind to me… Who doesn’t want Wine and a nice meal on their birthday? Throw in a spa day and the fact of getting a year older has been thrown out the window, even the extra wrinkle won’t bring anyone down. If it does you can just drink it away!

For a Friend

A birthday happens once a year and you either dread it because its another year older or you look forward to the one day you can have and do what you wish. I normally tend to blow out the candles and hope the wrinkles don’t come too soon but a bottle of wine will suffice, especially when its personalised with a birthday message dedicated to you. All our designs from our Birthday selection can be adapted, we even have some incredible gift box options if you want to add further luxury to the personalised wine.

Personalised Wine for Weddings FINALIST

We are very excited and thrilled to announce that It’s Your Bottle is a Finalist for the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year award 2018! Its been a hectic year and no better way than finishing it off with applying to

We decided to apply for pickyourself for many reasons,  we became a limited company back in May 2017 and started selling our wonderful labels on the online e-commerce platform Etsy. Once our website was up and running we could then start selling the full product of personalised wine. We’ve come along way but still, have a long way to go.

We believe that we are constantly growing and learning each day about owning and running a business. That being said we are passionate about our business concept and would love for it to be recognised further.

So please help us and vote for It’s Your Bottle for the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year award, all you need to do is click on the link below and read 🙂


Personalised Wine for Weddings

It’s Your Bottle – This year so far


It has been a fast-moving, incredibly wonderful, memorable year for It’s Your Bottle. Although January only seemed like yesterday, this year has probably been the busiest and full on we’ve had. This year we only started promoting and marketing It’s Your Bottle and since then it has been a learning and a fantastic journey from there.

Featured on ITV This Morning

In July we had the biggest surprise when we were contacted with the opportunity of sending our products to the ITV studios in London where our personalised wine would be featured on the popular much-loved TV show, This Morning. Stating on the feature, according to a recent survey, alcohol is the product to gift someone. Even Mr Schofield highlighted that you can drink the wine and keep the bottle. So you heard it from the mouth of Philip Schofield!

Our Wedding Day

Us, amongst our family and friends, flew to the beautiful southern region of Nice, France where we said our ‘I Do’s’ at a French Villa in the mountains. It’s Your Bottle was created when we started planning our own wedding so we feel our business and wedding were very much connected making it monumental and connected. It was very obvious to us and our guests that we would include the business and have our very own personalised wedding wine, we’ve even kept a bottle to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.


Blogging Collaborations

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with some incredible people this year. After researching these talented individuals we had the honour of working with the UK based bloggers who kindly reviewed our personalised wine. The feedback and support we received has been a blessing. They are truly talented and each one of them has a unique style as a person and with their writing.


The year is not over, and we have some busy months ahead with Christmas soon approaching. Christmas has always been a busy period and this year is no different. We’ve ensured that we have designed a variety of labels to bring a smile to anyone’s face, even Scrooge. We are always looking to make sure that the gift you buy someone is truly memorable and worthwhile. Even though the bottle may be empty by the end of Christmas Day, it can be kept as a memory of a special time enjoyed with loved ones.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids

He’s bent down on one knee, asked the wonderful question and you’ve said yes! Once you’ve told your friends and family and stopped staring at the beautiful ring on your finger, you may start to deliberate who will be your lucky Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour.

“Who is going to be your Maid of Honour?”

“Who is going to be your Bridesmaid?”

“Are you going to have multiple Bridesmaids?”

It’s a given, you may only have one or you might have many but they become your Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour for a reason… Because throughout it all they’ve been your friend and your support system for as long as you’ve known them. Many people may think asking the question is easy but you’re asking those individuals to not only put on a pretty dress and walk down the aisle with you but assist with many jobs along the way.

personalised wine for weddings - classy blue design personalised wine label

So if your thinking of gathering them at your house or asking them individually. How about asking them with a bottle of personalised wine? Also if you are a little like me (how I was when I got married) you may find down the road of organising your wedding that you dabble into the world of a bridezilla and you can carefully remind them that they signed up for this when excepting the beautiful gift of wine.

We have a wide selection of personalised wine suited to ask the Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor. Our range presents classic styles, to floral and even some fun cartoon drawings. Just see some of our designs below.

It is a tradition on the wedding day for the Bride and Groom to gift the parents but times have changed and nowadays you do more than thank the best man/men and the Bridesmaids/Maid of Honor. It is common to gift these individuals so why not present them with a bottle of personalised wine. All our designs have been created so all wording can be changed. So you can now ask them before the wedding and thank them on the wedding day with a beautiful wine bottle bespoke to them!

It’s Your Bottle understand occasions like these need to be memorable, it wasn’t long ago I was asking my sister to be my Maid of Honor. We are always looking to provide quality without the unhealthy price tag. Our personalised bottles of wine are only £14.99 so if you are looking to ask the question in a memorable one of a kind way then shop our wine now!

– It’s your Bottle


Personalised Wine for Weddings

A Personalised Wine Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go!
Well… Isn’t that a lyric which is incredibly true.

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Not just because our log burner is being fitted but because we have a wonderful selection of Christmas wine now available at It’s Your Bottle. We have everything ranging from vintage to fun and is sure to please all your loved ones!

Our Christmas selection of personalised wine has always been a favourite with our customers and this year we have upped the ante by creating a whole new batch ready for our elves to deliver to you!


I’ve always been a big believer of buying family and friends a gift that will put a smile on someone’s face (and possibly a hangover). I’ve walked through the shops and browsed online to find what my recipients may appreciate this year but if your the same as me and your wanting a gift that has meaning, a personalised bottle of wine is for you.

IMG_1320Imagine… Sipping some wine, watching the classic It’s a Wonderful Life, with only the christmas lights shining. Seems like a nice way to enjoy to calm evening that is Christmas Day. Or if your household is like mine, you may be gulping (not sipping) whilst you dominate Monopoly and send your family members back to Old Kent Road.

All jokes aside, a personalised wine bottle is a gift which is personal, thoughtful and will bring a smile to the ones you love most. This christmas buy a gift which is one of a kind. At It’s Your Bottle are goal is to provide quality without the pricetag. Allowing you to buy Christmas gifts without breaking the bank!

Gift boxes? Delivery?
If your looking to skip the awkward and obvious wrapping of wine then no problemo, we provide two beautiful gift box options which are sure to look incredible under your christmas tree. So throw those paper bags out the window and have your personalised wine wrapped up in a gift box. We offer 2 types of Delivery, first and standard. But if your order is over £50 then its FREE! – Santa is going to be busy!

Spread the love this Christmas!
It’s Your Bottle

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