Personalised Wine for Weddings

Corporate Wine – Looking to add fun to your Business events?

Gift giving within the business world has been going on since the dawn of time. Usually, a way to entice customers to your goods or services, or a way to help close a deal, gift giving is usually not expected but is very much appreciated. Gift giving has been shown to increase revenue and can be a great way to build and maintain important relationships.
Clients will often associate gift-giving as a sign of the value you hold for them and their business. When you provide gifts, especially thoughtful and unusual ones, they remember your business. Your business will be at the forefront of their mind when they are looking to do business.

There are a variety of different ways to provide gifts to clients, so before you reach for the Branded pens, consider Corporate wine.

Wine Gifts
Its Your Bottle Provide Branded wine that can be used in all corporate settings, whether you are mailing a gift to a client as a Christmas or Birthday gift, or inviting them to an event you are holding. The wines can be Personalised to include your company’s logo with a message, ensuring that they are left with a clear memory of your business.

Wine tastings
Wine tastings can be educational and fun, and it’s up to you if you want to swallow (or spit) the wine. Find a local event to take a client to, or even host your own, where a sommelier will supply the wine. You can discuss the wine as an easy ice-breaker with your client.


Corporate wine

Branded gifts at Events
Many organisations host events that showcase a new product, fund a charitable cause or to simply entertain clients. One way to add another dimension to the event is to offer wine from a personalised bottle during the event. The opportunity to add another place for clients to see your brand is a great way to ensure the event is remembered.

Wines can be a great way to build a relationship with a client, you can be assured that almost all recipients will use the gift, and remember your company because of it. It is a unique gift that can be used in a variety of situations.

Be sure to contact us, we work with clients individually to ensure that their wine is designed perfectly to exacting standards

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Personalised Wine – The Perfect Birthday Present

It happens once a year for a person and each year your scratching your head thinking of a gift you could buy that special somebody for their birthday.

When gifting, deep down you want your gift to be something that is used, not just stored in a box 5 years down the line. Not only that but it needs to be something they will enjoy, appreciate and lastly something that is completely different and unique.


Buying Personalised wine for a birthday present conquers two things we love. Wine and Uniqueness. Take a look at our beautiful Birthday Personalised Wine selection for more information.


Whether it is a bold red, a fruity white or the bubbles of prosecco, our selection of wine is sure to please all. The wine has been carefully selected to make sure the drinking experience is a pleasant and flavorsome one.

Whatever you decide, whether its the additional gift box option added as well, you’ll never spend more than £25 on our personalised wine.


It’s one to get somebody wine for a present but a personalised bottle of wine trumps. A one of a kind gift that messages directly to an individual is touching and thoughtful. All our designs have been created so all wording can be adapted to suit your needs. Our ‘How to guide’ on

creating the perfect Personalised Wine can be found here.



Accompany your Personalised Wine with this great extras!

Serving Tray

Serve your Personalised Wine on a rustic handmade tray made from pallet wood with elegant bronze vintage handles. This beautiful handy tray comes from Hidden Beauties Co on Etsy. Be quick though, the shop currently have a 15% off sale so grab a bargain whilst you can.

Lucy wine platter

Funky one of a kind glasses

Move over normal glasses and hand me some of these! Who knew eh? Drinking wine in an unusual wine glass like this makes the drinking experience more than just enjoyable, it makes it fun and different, whether its a gift or to impress the friends on a night in, take this out of the cabinet and pour the wine!

il_570xN.1489734640_4hviEtsy Personalised Wine Glasses

Autumn is here and we are definitely feeling these  Autumn styles wine glasses from FLORINAART on Etsy. How incredibly talented of them and how and artistic as these! They are hand painted and come in a set of two for £45.00. They can also be personalised with names!

At It’s Your Bottle we strive to design our labels to suit all audiences, we are constantly being inspired and creating new personalised wine labels. It is important that our customers receive a quality product which does not exceed an expensive price tag.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Corporate Success – An excuse for wine?

Whether its a major deal that’s just been closed, or your business has just turned 1 year old, there should always be an excuse to celebrate an achievement at work. When the company has had something great happen, you need to celebrate the success, and you need to celebrate with wine!

ItsYourBottle can take of all of your Personalised Corporate wine and beer requirements when it comes to celebrating your company achievements. When you surprise your staff with the wine, imagine if it had your company logo on the label, really defining the success you have all worked for!

We’ve come up with four reasons to get the wine glasses out, and share a bottle or two!

First 5 years in Business

It’s often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first five years. Making it to the 5 year mark is time to celebrate, and there is no better way to do it than a personalised bottle to each employee, provided in a an ornate box for them to take home (or drink at the subsequent party!). One customer who bought personalised wine from us had this to say:

“Hi Briony,

I’m so happy with the wine & everyone loved their gifts. It was the perfect way to celebrate with all my team”

Making the Big Sale!

Whether you’re an Estate Agency or a consultancy, a big sale is a big deal. You want to make sure that a sale is recognized and rewarded, its the best way to keep encouraging your employees and ensure the sales keep coming in. Select any of our delicious wines and design a label that recognizes the team member’s contributions to your business. Because we know that each business is individual and bespoke, we ask that businesses email us with their design idea’s. We can then create a design that perfectly matches your goal. Don’t forget to give your present the final touches by giving it in a rustic wine box to make it an even more memorable gift for your employee (Handy tip, the wine boxes can be used as shabby chic shelving or other decorations). This is a gift that will show them that you value their experience and their contributions to your company.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Christmas is upon us

It was only last week on a trip to the supermarket where we noticed a specific aisle has already been dedicated to the festive season of Christmas! Each year, our Christmas shopping starts sooner, even before Halloween has come. If you’re like me and you choose to complete all your Christmas shopping (gifts and food) before the busy month of December then it may be worth taking a look at our beautiful Christmas collection of Personalised Wine.

We started creating our Christmas Collection of Personalised wine in July so we’ve been in the Christmas spirit since then. This includes singing along to Michael Bublé and getting inspiration from many loved Christmas films. Our collection has a variety of designs suited for everybody, from classic to funny and elegant to cheerful.

Wine is a classic yet thoughtful gift to give to family and friends on special occasions but instead of popping a normal bottle of wine in a paper gift bag this Christmas why not go the extra mile by providing them a bottle of personalised wine in a beautiful wooden gift box? Whether you go for our standard wooden gift box or our premium version our Personalised wine, including a gift box will always be under £25.00.

Below are only some from our Personalised Christmas Wine Collection, to see more click here.

Classic Red


One of the reasons we are proud of each of our designs is the fact all wording can be adapted/removed or changed to how you wish. They are designed this way to suit the needs of the customer and to make sure it is completely bespoke to you. It is important to us that the personalised wine is unique to all.


Add Santa to Wine IMG_1061

You definitely know it’s Christmas with this one of kind design. Throw some fun into the mix and make someone giggle. Whether its to a family or a friend we’re sure they will appreciate the fun gesture.


Are you Business Owner?

It’s Your Bottle have recently branched out into the world of Branded wine, its an exciting time to be able to provide not only gifting services for customers but also for businesses. Not only do we provide business branded personalised wine but if it’s Christmas Personalised Wine your looking for than we have you solution for you. For more information regarding what we can do for you, just get in touch using our online contact form and somebody will be back to you within 24 hours. Make sure to show those special employees of yours your gratitude for their hard work.

Tis the season and all…



Whether the wine is tucked under the Christmas tree, sipped by the fire or shared around for the Christmas dinner, be sure to give a little extra in your Christmas gift this year with a one of a kind bottle of personalised wine.

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Personalised wine Labels

If you have a special occasion coming up and need a way to make it effortlessly unique, try Personalised Wine Labels.
Whether its a Birthday, Anniversary or a holiday event such as Christmas, Personalised wine is a great way to show off your wine!

Are you sick of struggling to think about the perfect gift to get friends and family? If they are starting to get bored of ties, makeup and clothes… get them some Personalised wine!
Its Your Bottle provides gorgeous designs with a professional finish, ensuring that your gift will be perfect for any occasion.

We have found that at any event that involves wine or other alcohol, personalised labels become a focal point to be talked about and photographed all night long! We provide labels in Order quantities as low as once label. But, if you require 20 or more, message us and we can provide a discount.

At Its Your Bottle, its simple to pick a label, choose your personalised wording and get them sent to you in preparation for your occasion or event
We provide labels for all different occasions. If you struggle to find a design you like, send us a message, and we will try our hardest to design a label around your wishes.

Saving the personalised wine bottles for decoration

In today’s environmentally conscious world, one great way to up-cycle a gift is to use your personalised bottle of wine as an ornament. They make great souvenirs, whether you decide to put a candle in the bottle, or have it displayed on a shelf.

Check out some of the beautiful designs handmade by us (we think they’re works of art!), check out the range of labels on our store page and get creative with your personalisation

Removing the original bottle label

While applying the Personalised wine labels to the bottle is relatively straightforward, we often get asked on how to remove the original label. Removing a label from a wine bottle without using some tricks can be an impossible task, but we will guide you through how to ensure that it slips off easily

Method 1 – Baking Soda

You’ll Need: A sink or bowl, baking soda, a knife, a towel and some steel wool

– Soak the tag section of the wine bottle in room temperature water using 5-10 tbsp of baking soda for half an hour.
– Remove the bottle out of the water, and then carefully remove the label with a knife, ensuring that you always push the knife away from you. If some of the label won’t budge, get the steel wool out and finish it off!
– When the wine is label-free, dry it off with a towel to ensure that no residue remains. It is then ready for your new label

Method 2 – Warm Water

You’ll Need: Gloves, warm water, a towel, a knife, and steel wool

– Soak the tag section of the wine bottle in warm water for half an hour.
– Remove the bottle out of the water, and then carefully remove the label with a knife, ensuring that you always push the knife away from you. If some of the label won’t budge, get the steel wool out and finish it off!
– When the wine is label-free, dry it off with a towel to ensure that no residue remains. It is then ready for your new label

All done? Congratulations! Now you are ready to apply some new labels onto your bottles.


Personalised Wine - ItsYourBottle

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Corporate wine – When is the right time?

There is one decision that typically flusters company executives: “what is the right type of gift to offer to clients and employees?” Understanding the types of relationships, you are trying to maintain or build, choosing a gift that fits the style of your organisation while also sending the correct message to the recipient is key. Choosing the wrong gift can result in a meaningless gesture (think branded pens), or even worse, could insult the person. Next off, you need to choose a gift that is out of the ordinary and will leave the individual with a lasting memory of the gift, but more importantly a positive memory of you and your organisation.

When To Offer Corporate Wine

Show your staff you appreciate their hard work by providing a gift a little different from the rest.Occasions whereby the message to the client or employee is one of thanks, but words are not enough. Since a bespoke gift will undoubtedly leave your customers or staff members feeling appreciated as well as valued, it’s vital to provide the perfect gift at these unique times.

Below, we will go through some of the times whereby Corporate wines would make the perfect gift. We’ll go over a few company occasions as well as yearly holidays where gift-giving is suitable for the office. We’ll additionally cover a couple of company wine suggestions that are more than adequate for a selection of receivers and also event types.

Corporate wine - LionHolidays & Birthdays – Business gifts

The very best managers remember their employees as well as customers during Christmas and other events. Getting a present from the boss during these times is a superb way to show appreciation for an employee or customer and helps to make them feel appreciated. To truly be the best boss or supplier, remember their birthday and surprise them with a bespoke gift, they will remember your generosity and thoughtfulness

Employee Recognition Day

Organisations routinely take a day off per year/ quarter to stop work and take their employees out for a team building/ recognition day, in an effort to show them how much they apreciate the hard work and effort that goes into running a thriving business. Another way of saying thanks is through the “employee of the month” event, whereby an outstanding employee is recognised for their efforts that usually go above and beyond the standard expected.

Retirements, Promotions, & Job Anniversaries

There are a few times in the corporate world whereby everyone should down tools and come together to celebrate, whether its a retiring employee, job promotion or job anniversary. Gifting a unique present to your employees for significant milestones, such as finally reaching retirement or being employed for 10 years can show them exactly how much you care about them and their contribution, it also shows the rest of the office the message of gratitude.

Customer Thanks – Business gifts

Whether closing a deal with a new client or reinforcing bonds with an existing one, customer gratitude presents are the perfect choice to show you appreciation. Waqnt to WOW a customer? Offer a gift on the anniversary of the day you launched a business partnership.

Corporate gift ideas

There are many choices offered for individual company gifts. When it comes to thrilling customers, a classier present is a lot a lot better compared to a straightforward branded calender. The objective is to reveal to your recipient just how much you value them, while not exaggerating it.

It’s for the reason above that wine is often an excellent choice for a distinct company present idea. Wine is the most popular drink in the United Kingdom, irrespective of age and regions, so it’s most likely to be a present your recipient will undoubtedly appreciate. Below are a few ideas for providing personalised wines as a business gift.

Personalised wine

Did you know that Its Your Bottle offers Personalised labels on their selection of wines, so you can feature your company’s logo along with a personalised message if required. Personalised business wine presents are an unforgettable and also special touch to the standard gift. We offer individual messages on each bottle if required.

As shown above, corporate wine gifts are a terrific way to excite a customer, award a worker, or commemorate a special occasion. Presents such as a personalised bottle are classy, enjoyable, as well as ideal for a range of events.
Gifting a unique present to your workers for landmarks, such as retired life can reveal to them just how much you care and also establishes the culture for your business environment.

corporate wine Spa & Beauty

Personalised Wine for Weddings

8 Unique gifts for Bridesmaids

When it comes to finding the perfect Bridesmaids gifts, the number of different choices can be overwhelming, we have put together a quick guide for some fabulous gifts that anyone would love!
Asking your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids to support you on your big day can be daunting, but adding a small gift can always ease the question, prices can range from £5 to £200, so perfect for any budget
Each Bridesmaid is unique, so don’t worry about getting everyone the same gift! The gifts can be tailored to each person, which will ensure that everyone will feel appreciated and thought of in preparation for your big day

Let us dig into these gorgeous gifts, that all your best women will adore. From personalised bits to failsafe gifts to suit everybody, here is our final collection of the ideal bridesmaid presents your wedding celebration could ever expect to get.

Personalised wine label for Weddings - Cute Cartoon

A personalised bottle of Wine or Prosecco

You know what is much better than wine? A bottle of wine with a heartfelt message on it! Its the perfect way to ask your Bridesmaids to help you on your big day, and if you decide to give the gift on the day itself then it’s a perfect way to calm the nerves. Personalised Wedding wine is a unique way to say thank you to all those that have helped you plan the Wedding day

A bespoke gift box

A stunning personalised gift box is an excellent present for your main girls and often come in varying price ranges. There is a multitude of shops that can swell anything from hilarious gift boxes to classy ones, (think Laurent Perrier blossom candle, facial mask). How adorable is that?

quote prints bridesmaids

A purposeful quote print

One of the easiest ways to ask your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids support you is to let the gift do the talking? A gorgeous print is not only going to have the ability to assist you to show your appreciation, but it is going also to be something they will keep forever and show off.

Keepsake jewellery

Try and find a girl that doesn’t adore jewellery! Your friends will the thought of having some hand-selected jewellery from you, and you could even ask them to wear it on your big day.


Everybody enjoys a pleasant fragrance, so if you know your girls well, picking a bottle of perfume for them could be a fantastic gift choice. they will appreciate the gift, and you know it will be put to good use well after the wedding

Stylish bag

Going off to a destination wedding? Help your women arrive in design with a fashionable bag on wheels. Your bridal party will feel just like complete VIPs using their matching bag – you may want to get one for yourself too!

bridesmaids cards


One of the simplest ways and the most thoughtful is to get your girls a heartfelt card with wording the perfectly sums up your appreciation for their effort

A Girly Tipple

If you and your girls are known for having a drink or two, then cater your gift towards that habit! getting them a bottle of Gin can show them that this wedding is going to be a great party, wrap a little card around the neck with some words of thanks

If you like the sound of treating your Bridesmaids to a Personalised Wine for Weddings, check out Its Your Bottle’s beautiful range!

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Personalised Wedding  Wine – Perfect for every part of your special day

The unusual ways you can make your big day extra special Wine and weddings go together like cheese and pineapple, they are an essential part of nearly all weddings, usually they are used up and thought of as a means to an end during the meal and afterwards. What if there was a way to make the wine a focal point for the day itself? Well there is… Personalise them and make sure they are a talking point!

There are several unusual ways you can make the wedding fun and unique, we’ll go into them below. Personalised wine for weddings is a new concept that will ensure that everyone has an amazing time at your wedding and will be talking about it for years to come!

Table Numbers

Wedding sizes can range from a small event (30 guests) all the way up to grand parties (200+ guests), but every wedding has the same issue…. How can we organise the guests to go to the correct table? And how can we ensure that the tables are clearly marked for the guests? One fun and unique way to decorate your tables is to have the table numbers on the labels of the wine, it kills two birds with one stone and in doing so removes clutter from the table itself, leading to a cleaner looking table. Each of our table number wines can be personalised to ensure that the Bride and Groom’s names are beautifully shown on the bottles. On some designs we can even put each of the guest’s names, so they feel like they are a part of your big day


Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour gifts Personalised wine label for Weddings - Bridesmaids / Maid of Honour

Bridesmaids are there to support you on your wedding day, whether its helping with the dress, make-up or just being there for a few drinks to calm the nerves, they will be by your side all the way up to the main stage. And when it’s time to ask your (hopefully) bridesmaids to support you on your big day, there is no better way to surprise them than with a gift of Personalised wine. Its Your Bottle offer several beautiful designs to suit you, each of which can be customised with a message to support your big question



Personalised wine label for Weddings - ClassyInvitations or Save the Date Wine

The standard way to send an invitation is to send a letter and then receive it back, its been tried and tested for years and works, but can be quite uninspiring. An exciting idea would be to send out personalised wines to the invitee’s, really sending the message that this is going to be a fun event with lots of booze. It sets the tone of the events and makes sure that your guests are ready for fun!

Hen Do WinePersonalised wine label for Hen do's or Hen Parties / Partys

Hen Parties are notorious for being boozy affairs, and why should this one be any different? Make sure that the weekend is full of fun by having personalised wines as the starter drinks, they will be sure to break the ice between everyone! Its Your Bottle offers packs of Hen Party Wine’s that will really capture the personality of each girl, they can be individually personalised to ensure they really know you are thinking of them.

Weddings are complex, with many several factors to organise and design. Its Your Bottle are here to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch, we are fanatical about customer service and will go to extreme lengths to ensure that we make your day extra special. Whether its Red, White, Rose or Prosecco, we can cater for your alcohol needs, making your wedding day unique and special. Check out our great selection of Personalised Wine for Weddings

Personalised Wine for Weddings

How to chill your Wine FAST!

We all like to complain about the weather, and let’s be honest, the past few weeks have been a mixture of Heaven and Hell in the UK. The sun has been blazing on us to the point that we’ve all been struggling to get the wine chilled quick enough after work to enjoy it before the sun goes down.
But fear no more! We’ll let you know some hacks to get that Personalised wine chilled in a few minutes, so you can enjoy those last few minutes of goodness.
Its Your Bottle is on hand to help you get that bottle frosty… and Fast!chilling wine with a damp towel

Take your bottle of warm white or Rose wine, and wrap it in damp cloths or paper towels, get it into the freezer and wait for a few minutes with the corkscrew in hand and voila! Perfect temperature wine, ready to be poured into the waiting glass.
You may get scorned at by a wine connoisseur, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When youre out of time, you’ve got to take every form of action you can to get that wine perfect!

There is another way to get wine to the temperature you need it, if you have a few bottles that need to be chilled pronto, put them all in a bucket with some ice, water and… salt (trust me on this). Within 10 minutes the bottles will be perfectly chilled, ready to enjoy with a few friends.

frozen grapes in wineAnd for the slow sippers among you, try putting a few frozen grapes in the freezer, ready for when you want a drink. they will cool the wine in the same way that ice does but will ensure that the wine doesn’t become diluted

I hope this helps, I hate to see someone drinking a wine that could have drastically improved with just a few little life hacks

Personalised Wine for Weddings

Great Ways To Appreciate Wine Like A Pro

Here at Its Your Bottle we want to make sure you really appreciate the wines you drink, take a read below for some tips

When it comes to wine, there are countless different types to select. Determining what a bottle of wine is ideally suited for can be somewhat tricky if you are new to this game. Fortunately, taking a read of this quick post can serve as an excellent starting point for anyone that is looking to impress their friends with their wine knowledge.

Sip it or down it?

When you are drinking a glass of wine, make sure that you savour each sip that you take. Often, you could be consuming a bottle that costs an arm and a leg so you will want to get your money’s worth. Once you have started to learn about the subtleties of wine and how to pick out individual flavours, the sipping of wine is favoured over the downing!

Leftover wine

Leftover wine (which we might point out is a sin!) must not be left for any more than 4 to 5 days. Opened wine can absorb Oxygen, which will degrade the wine. This significantly impacts the taste of the wine, making it less enjoyable. But fear not! In the unlikely case that you do leave a wine out too long, it can be used in food. We recommend a bolognese.

Personal preferences

Do not allow others to influence your taste in wines. It is necessary you try different wines to determine precisely what you enjoy. Every person has a different palate and also could not be looking for the very same flavours in a glass of wine. Do not assume that consuming a wine advised by a professional sommelier will be to your taste, just expect some backlash if you go for a red with fish.

Storage of white wine

White wines ought to be thoroughly chilled when you drink them, but you should stay clear of storing them in a fridge for weeks at a time. The best way to ensure they taste amazing is to keep them at room temperature and then stick them in the fridge an hour before serving.


“Don’t ever turn down wine” never a truer word said in my view. Its good to try different types of wine rather than stick to a single type/brand. You might turn up your nose to Rose wine when it’s offered to you, just because you had 1 or 2 disgusting glasses a few years ago. Not all wines were born equal. You will find wines to fit your preference throughout the wine spectrum.
If you have a cellar (lucky you!) or perhaps just a shelf where you store wine, do not fill up the area entirely with wines that you enjoy right now. Your tastes are bound to transform in time. You do not want to be left with a load of wine you believe has hints of vinegar.

Getting assistance

If you go to a restaurant with a sommelier, don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. The sommelier will undoubtedly understand everything concerning the wines on the menu and also will certainly also have the ability to make a recommendation if you let them know what kind of wine you generally drink.

Taking notes

This is for the serious wine hobbyists. Keep a notebook entirely for wine. The most straightforward way to track the wines that you appreciate and the ones that you do not like is to keep a log of them. You could also include the food and environment that you consumed them with to make sure that you could repeat the experience.

Wine types

The differences between red and white wine are simple, its all in the way they are produced as described in our previous post on wine types. Red grapes are pressed two times, releasing a larger amount of tannin’s and lightening up the shade of the wine. This is what makes the color so deep and the taste so full bodied.

Smell and taste

To obtain the full taste spectrum of your glass of wine, you will want to smell it a few times. The very first time, take a slow, long breath from outside the glass. The next time, take a sniff with your nose inside. You will then fully appreciate the different notes of each type of wine and may pick up on more than just the taste.

Towards the end of the night…

Splashed some red wine on your gorgeous dress? The initial step is to put soda water on the stain as soon as you can. No soda around? White wine will also do the job. Blot it with a paper towel rather than smear to soak up the wine, then clean it in bleach and water to get the stain out.

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